• A f***ing crazy show about the madness of the stage | Choreografie: Simone Sandroni | © Joseph Rubens

  • ANIMA OBSCURA | Choreografie: Nanine Linning | © Jubal Battisti

  • PULS | Choreografie: Simone Sandroni | © Joseph Rubens

TANZ Bielefeld


Tanztheater and contemporary dance are in the center of the artistic vision of TANZ Bielefeld: the season 2022/23 epitomizes this aesthetic vision with guest choreographers such as Lali Ayguadé, Sharon Fridman, Gregor Zöllig und Stephanie Thiersch. In every new season the company seeks to work with diverse dance creators of the present while putting an emphasis on diversity: Not only established choreographers are offered the space and time to develop their work but also young exciting artists picked by the leading team.

History and biography

On the history of the ensemble

A tradition of nearly two decades of Tanztheater and contemporary dance have contributed to the artistic identity of the ensemble of TANZ Bielefeld, which has been led by Gregor Zöllig from 2005 to 2015 and Simone Sandroni from 2015 to 2022. The artistic diversity of its 10 dancers with different backgrounds and set of skills define the wide performative spectrum of TANZ Bielefeld. The company not only presents three dance production and multiple mediation formats in a season but also three community dance project – the SCHRITTMACHER – since 2007.

Gianni Cuccaro | Sarah Deltenre | Alban Pinet | Kerstin Tölle

During the season 2022/2023 the company will be lead by Gianni Cuccaro (artistic director of the community project Schrittmacher), Sarah Deltenre (training leader and choreographic assistant), Alban Pinet (dramaturg and company manager) and Kerstin Tölle (production manager of the community project Schrittmacher).

„The genres of Tanztheater and contemporary dance have influenced the artistic work of TANZ Bielefeld for the past 18 years. The company presents both world premiere and repertoire pieces by diverse choreographers of these styles.“

Alban Pinet


  • 2021/2022


    Productions from the 2021/2022 season

    ANIMA OBSCURA (2021)
    Choreography: Nanine Linning
    Music: Johannes Brahms, Yannis Kyriakides
    Number of dancers: 10
    Duration: Approx. 1:40 hrs

    PULS (2022)
    Choreography: Simone Sandroni
    Music: Francesco Antonioni
    Number of dancers: 10
    Duration: Approx. 1:15 hrs.

    4 x 4 (2022)
    Choreography: Stijn Celis, Iván Pérez, Simone Sandroni, Roberto Scafati
    Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Max Richter, Miguelángel Clerc Parada, Milian Vogel, Davidson Jaconello
    Number of dancers: 18
    Duration: approx. 1:20 hrs.

    A f***ing crazy show about the madness of the stage (2022)
    Choreography: Simone Sandroni / Co-Choreography: Julio César Iglesias Ungo
    Music: Milian Vogel
    Number of dancers: 12
    Duration: approx. 1:30 hrs.

  • 2020/2021


    Productions from the 2020/2021 season

    IM RAUSCH (2020)
    Choreography: Simone Sandroni
    Music: Marc Lohr
    Number of dancers: 10
    Duration: Approx. 1 hour

  • previous seasons

    Productions from the 2019/2020 season

    Opus Fünfundsechzig
    Choreography: Simone Sandroni

    Choreography: Moritz Ostruschnjak

    Productions from the 2018/2019 season

    Der Feuervogel
    Choreography: Simone Sandroni

    New Sites
    Choreography: Fabian Wixe

    Woher wir kommen
    Choreography: Simone Sandroni

    Productions from the 2016/2017 season

    Liebe, Furcht und andere Dissonanzen
    Choreography: Simone Sandroni

    Choreography: Sharon Fridman

    Choreografie: Simone Sandroni, Michael Heicks

    Productions from the 2014/2015 season

    FreeX (2015)
    Choreography: Pal Frenak
    10 dancers

    Methusalem oder warum die Zeit schneller vergeht (2015)
    Choreography: Gregor Zöllig in collaboration with the dancers
    10 dancers

    Peer Gynt (2014)
    Choreography: Gregor Zöllig in collaboration with the dancers, music: Gavin Bryars, Edvard Grieg
    10 dancers, Bielefelder Philharmoniker, 100 min

    Productions from the 2013/2014 season

    Das Gewicht der Schwämme (2014)
    Choreography: Guilherme Botelho
    stage 12 x 12 m, 70 min

    Zeitsprung - Bi-Motion (2014)
    Eine Stadt in Bewegung
    Community-dance-project witg 800 participants of Gregor Zöllig, Michael Langeneckert and the ensemble of Tanztheater Bielefeld
    stage 25 x 30 m, 90 min

    Sacre (2013)
    Fiat Lux
    Choreography: Mauro de Candia
    Choreography: Gregor Zöllig
    Le Sacre du Printemps
    Choreography: Mary Wigman



Gianni Cuccaro, Sarah Deltenre, Alban Pinet, Kerstin Tölle

Bühnen und Orchester der Stadt Bielefeld
TANZ Bielefeld
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