• Casa Azul | © Oliver Look

  • Casa Azul | © Oliver Look

  • SubsTanz - die Choreograf*innen | © Leszek Januszewski

  • SubsTanz - YET ANOTHER LIFE TIME WORN OUT | © Leszek Januszewski

  • SubsTanz - Fail-Able | © Leszek Januszewski

  • SubsTanz - TRInity | © Leszek Januszewski

  • SubsTanz - iPaint (für iMOVE HA) | © Leszek Januszewski

  • SubsTanz - LITTLE P.4.0 | © Leszek Januszewski

  • SubsTanz - System Break | © Leszek Januszewski

  • SubsTanz - Nicht für Dich | © Leszek Januszewski



This 2014/15 season, the balletthagen has thirteen dancers, a training director, a choreographic assistant, a ballet répétiteur and a ballet dramaturge in its employ. The dancers are between 22 and 34 years old and come from ten different countries. Every season, the company presents at least two original ballet evenings, often in addition to one revival from last season and it performs in operettas and musicals. The balletthagen also presents various pieces produced with teenagers in schools (e.g. BallroomDance), engages in projects for people with disabilities (Closing the Gap), and features its dancers as choreographers (Tanzlabor), etc.

This 2014/15 season will include a dance festival featuring so-called “mixed-abled dance” entitled “Farben des Tanzes” (“The Colours of Dance”). Ballet chef Ricardo Fernando on his relationship to the company: “Loyalty is the foundation of our work, for me it is an attitude towards life. I have no prejudices, but I can only employ dancers who apply very high standards to their work in every way.”


History and biography

On the ensemble’s history

The world premiere of “Der Schrank der Georgi” (a TANZFONDS ERBE-Project), which premiered at the end of the 2013/14 season, was a homage to ballet director and dancer Yvonne Georgi, who introduced the sustainable rotation of and interaction between classical and modern ballet to the stage over 50 years ago. For Hagen’s ballet director Ricardo Fernando, this approach to dance has always been his goal. Over the ten years in which his company consisted of 14 dancers plus a maximum of four guests, he has successfully choreographed his own versions of classical dramatic ballets such as  “Giselle”, “The Nutcracker“, “Sleeping Beauty“ or “Alice in Wonderland“, and has won new audiences in Hagen for contemporary dance with his unconventional creations.

Marguerite Donlon is an innovative, contemporary choreographer and performer based in Berlin. Known for her humour and profound creativity, her work thrills an unusually broad audience. With stylistic innovation, Irish wit and the combination of different art forms, Marguerite Donlon has pushed artistic limits to secure a place in the international dance scene.

For more information on Marguerite Donlon view Material

„I believe the artistic concept for every Theater needs to be addressed specifically.
As a ballet director of a State or Stadt Theater I see it as my obligation to learn and understand the city and the region both socially and politically in an effort to create something outstanding that is unique to that place.
Creating an artistic concept for a city like Hagen naturally looks very different to an artistic concept I would create for a larger theatre in a more cosmopolitan city. ...“

Marguerite Donlon



  • 2019/2020


    Productions of the 2019/2020 season

    Inspired by Frida Kahlo
    Ballet by Marguerite Donlon
    Composition and musical arrangements by Claas Willeke
    Choreography and concept: Marguerite Donlon
    Stage and video: Ingo Bracke
    Costumes: Markus Maas
    Lighting: Ernst Schießl
    Choreographic assistance and training direction: Francesco Vecchione
    Premiere: 9 October 2009, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken
    Premiere Ballet Hagen
    5 October 2019, 7.30 p.m., Großes Haus, Theater Hagen
    Stage dimensions 12 X 10 m
    Duration: 75 minutes
    14 dancers
    1 guitarist and singer

    SubsTanz trifft Schumacher
    Dancers choreograph
    Ballet Hagen and iMOVE HA
    World premieres
    Peter Copek: System Break
    Filipa Amorim: TRInity
    Noemi Emanuela Martone: LITTLE P. 4.0
    Sara Peña: Not for you
    Marguerite Donlon, Francesco Vecchione for iMOVE HA: iPAINT
    Dario Rigaglia: Fail-Able
    13 dancers
    iMOVE HA: 18 people
    Premiere, Thursday,13.2. 2020
    7.30 pm OPUS, Theatre Hagen
    Stage dimensions: 8X 9 m
    Duration: 100 minutes without intermission (all pieces in sequence)

    Ballet by Marguerite Donlon
    Music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Sam Auinger and Claas Willeke
    Concept and choreography: Marguerite Donlon
    Musical direction: Rodrigo Tomillo
    Composition: Sam Auinger and Claas Willeke
    Stage and video: Ingo Bracke
    Lighting : Ernst Schiessl
    Costumes: Markus Maas
    Direction and artistic assistance: Francesco Vecchione
    Premiere: 28 March 2009, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken
    Premiere Ballett Hagen: 9 May 2020, Großes Haus, Theater Hagen
    Stage dimensions: 12 X 10 m
    Play duration: 120 minutes

  • previous seasons

    previous seasons

    Productions from the 2018/2019 season

    Dido und Aeneas (2019)
    Choreography: Francesco Nappa

    Junge Choreografen (2019)

    Move On  (2018)
    Choreography: Cayetano Soto, Itzik Galili, Alfonso Palencia
    Dancers: 14
    Duration: 2 hours


    Productions from the 2017/2018 season

    Dancing Souls (three-part dance evening)
    Duration: 2 hours 15 min.
    Dancers: 12
    Soma (2011)
    Choreography: Marguerite Donlon
    Extremely Loose (2008)
    Choreography: Alejandro Cerrudo
    Luminous Heart (2018)
    Choreography: Alfonso Palencia

    Cindarella (2018)
    Choreography: Alfonso Palencia
    Dancers: 12

    Tanzlabor IV (2018)
    Choreography: Bobby Briscoe, Sara Peña, Alexandre Démont Noemi Martone, Gonçalo Martins da Silva, Ana Isabel Casquilho
    Dancers: 12


    Productions from the 2014/2015 season

    Farben des Tanzes (2015)
    Dancefestival of Hagen 31. Mai - 7. Juni

    Dance Celebration! (2014)
    Choreography: Ricardo Fernando
    16 dancers, 160 min

    Ballett? Rock it! (2015)
    Choreography: Ricardo Fernando, James Wilton, Marguerite Donlon
    14 dancers

    Alice im Wunderland (2014)
    Choreography: Ricardo Fernando after Lewis Carroll
    14 dancers, 120 min

    Productions from the 2013/2014 season

    Der Schrank der Georgi (2014)
    Choreography: Maria Hilchenbach, Ricardo Fernando, music: I. Strawinsky, Darius Milhaud, Gottfried von Einem
    18 dancer, 1 pianist, 150 min
    Terra brasilis (2014)
    Choreography: Tindaro Silvano, Henrique Rodovalho, Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni 
    14 dancers, 110 min
    Der Nussknacker (2013)
    Choreography: Ricardo Fernando, music: P. I. Tschaikowsky
    16 dancers, 120 min
    Dance Celebration! (2013)
    Choreography: Ricardo Fernando
    15 dancers, 160 min



Dancing Souls



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