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Tanztheater. Dance theatre. My work focuses on reinterpreting old stories, across genre boundaries: the exploration of multimedia in dance, combining body language, music, text, visual arts, photo and video."

Carlos Matos

Gräfin Cosel  / © Hagen KönigPrinzessinnen  / © Hagen KönigTango Piazzolla  / © Hagen KönigTanz Entdeckt?  / © Hagen KönigHamlet / © Hagen KönigMomo / © Hagen KönigSilent Movies / © Hagen König



The dance theatre in our last season was very influenced by classic literature with the pieces «Hamlet» and «Momo».
This year music will be our source of inspiration.
With «Bach Magnificat – Marias Engel» we try to present a danced version of Maria’s praise. The special musical feature lies in the combination of «Magnificat» by Johann Sebastian Bach and «Magnificat» by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. So we are going to interpret that uniquely created «Magnificat» in a modern way. In order to this we are interested in the woman behind the myth, the history of her exclusion, her suffering, but also in her strength and her revolutionary side.
A completely different but nonetheless infectious music is the template of our second dance performance «Tango Piazzolla».
To the sound of Astor Piazzollas music, founder of the Tango Nuevo, we are going to create a kaleidoscope of unfulfilled wishes and broken dreams. The intention is to let some hope shine through while searching for the «Mythos Glück» («mystery of luck»). 
Our theatre schedule will be rounded off with the two-part evening «Wunderland». For that I invited the two choreographers Wencke Kriemer de Matos and Henrik Kaalund. With our dancers, they will create an energetic and at the same time poetic world about all the little and great miracles around us.
Furthermore Wencke Kriemer de Matos is travelling with the director Manuel Schöbel through the world of fairy tales in the theatre-dance performance «Prinzessinnen». She explores those most amazing characters and asks questions like: where is the link between princesses, sleeping beauty, worn-out dancing shoes, rosebuds and our today’s world?
Last but not least the participation of our group in the musical «Zorro» should be mentioned. We are looking forward to this interdisciplinary production in which we will rock the stage to the sound of the «Gipsy Kings».

Carlos Matos
Director of dance company

Productions of the season 2019/20


Premiere: 10.11.2019

Picasso (2019)

Evening of dance by Carlos Matos

Choreography: Carlos Matos

Ausstattung: Kerstin Laube


Tapetenwechsel (2010)

Dancers introduced as choreographers

Choreography: young choreographers of Landesbühnen Sachsen GmbH

Scenography: students of the TU Berlin/study program Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum

Antigone/Lysistrate (2010)

Evening of dance in two parts by Wencke Kriemer de Matos et al. based on Sophocles and Aristophanes

Choreography: Wenke Kriemer de Matos, N.N.

Scenography: Tom Böhm


Productions of the season 2018/2019

Romeo and Julia (2018)
Chorography: Carlos Matos and Wencke Kriemer de Matos after the tragedy of William Shakespeare
Music: Sergei Prokofiev
10 dancers
Choreography: Wenke Kriemer of Matos and Holger Uwe Thews, Production: Sandra Maria Huimann
Music: Jörg Schittkowski
Two-part dance evening, choreography: Wencke Kriemer de Matos and Fabio Liberti
BOLÉRO (2018)
three-part dance evening, choreography: Igor Kirov, Michele Merola and Carlos Matos
Music: Maurice Ravel
11 dancers
Dance theatre by Wencke Kriemer de Matos with music by P. I.Tschaikowski (from 5)
Choreography and staging: Wencke Kriemer of the Matos
7 dancers
FLY SEIN_RELOADED (13 years and older) (2018)
Dance Evening Young Choreographers
Choreography: Aurora Fradella, Anita Suzanne Gregory, Leonardo Germani, Adam Soyka, Zhiyelun "Alan" Qi
11 dancers
Choreography: Carlos Matos and Wencke Kriemer de Matos
Music: Compositions by Antonio Vivaldi, Jan Dismas Zelenka, Johann Georg Pisendel, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Giovanni Paisiello to contemporary music
11 dancers

Productions of the season 2017/2018
Tango Piazzolla (2017)
Choreography Carlos Matos, Music Astor Piazzolla
10 dancers, duration 105 min
Princesses (2017)
choreography Wencke Kriemer de Matos, music Franz Schubert, Fläskkkvartetten, Sidsel Endresen + Bugge Wesseltoft
1 dancer, duration 100 min
Dance Discovered? (2002)
Choreography Carlos Matos, music cross-section from the entire dance repertoire
Dancers n.n., duration n.n.
Countess Cosel (2017)
Choreography Carlos Matos and Wencke Kriemer de Matos, music Antonio Vivaldi, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Johann Georg Pisendel, ...
10 dancers
Fly Being (2018)
choreography dancers of the company, music n.n.
10 dancers
The Swan Lake Fairy Tale
Choregraphy Wencke Kriemer de Matos, music P. I. Tchaikovsky
5 dancers

Productions of the season 2016/2017
Tango Piazzolla (2017)
Choreography: Carlos Matos, Music: Astor Piazzolla
all dancers of the company
Princesses (2017)
Choreography: Carlos Matos
all dancers of the company
Wonderland (2016)
Choreography: Wencke Kriemer de Matos, Henrik Kaalund
all dancers of the company
Bach Magnificat - Mary's Angel (2016)
Choreography: Carlos Matos, Music: J. S. Bach and Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach
all dancers of the company
Hamlet (2016)
Choreography: Carlos Matos
all dancers of the company
Silent Movies (2016)
Choreography: Carlos Matos
all dancers of the company
Momo (2015)
Choreography: Wencke Kriemer de Matos
all dancers of the company


Productions of the season 2015/2016
Hamlet (2016)
Choreography: Carlos Matos
all dancers of the company
Silent Movies (2016)
Choreography: Carlos Matos
all dancers of the company
Dido and Aenas (2015)
Choreography: Carlos Matos, Music: Henry Purcell
approx. 10 dancers, 1 singer, orchestra, stage dimensions 11 x 10 m, approx. 60 min
Choreography: Carlos Matos, Massimo Gerardi, Music: n. a.
approx. 10 dancers, stage dimensions 11 x 6 m, approx. 90 min
Obsession (2015)
Choreography: dancers of the company
all dancers of the company
Momo (2015)
Choreography: Wencke Kriemer de Matos
all dancers of the company



On the ensemble´s history

Regular ballet evenings have been taking place in Radebeul since 1961, e.g. the GDR premiere of “Medusa” by Gottfried von Einem in 1972. Ballet mistress Eva Hennig left a strong mark on the company during her tenure from 1980 until 1993, as did ballet director Reiner Feistel, who even built up his own fan base from 1997 until 2013: every year, he choreographed two dance evenings for the main stage as well as the studio stage. The ensemble toured,  with pieces such as “Tanz und Orgel” at the Meissen Cathedral and churches across Saxony and celebrated great successes for years with Feistel’s “Tänzerische Serenaden” in the Dresdner Zwinger. Before Feistel transferred as ballet director to Chemnitz, he stepped up to the plate and performed with his dancers at the Felsenbühne Rathen open air theatre (summer venue of the LBS).

Carlos Matos 

Carlos Matos was born in Portugal. After pursuing a career as a dancer in Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany, he began working as a choreographer. In 1989, he was one of the winners of the Internationalen Choreographen-Wettbewerb in Hanover. From 2002 until 2007, he was ballet director at the Stadttheater Hildesheim, where he produced eleven large-scale dance evenings and world premieres, e.g. “Kassandra”, “Hamlet”, “Peer Gynt”, Mozart’s “Requiem” and Bach’s “Magnificat”. From 2007 onwards, Matos worked as an independent choreographer. Together with his life partner Wencke Kriemer de Matos, he founded the dance company ‘Oficina dos Sentidos’ (‘Workshop of the Senses’). Carlos Matos became director of the Tanzcompanie Landesbühnen Sachsen in the 2013/14 season. 

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Tango Piazzolla

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